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Pediatric Chiropractic Care in Summerville

Every young person deserves to have a happy and healthy childhood. Chiropractic care can improve their body’s structure, eliminate subluxations, and prevent health issues from occurring. If left untreated, it may go on for years and cause serious problems, particularly into adulthood, which it takes more time to correct.

Relief and Prevention

pediatric-chiropractic-2019Children respond particularly well to chiropractic care since unhealthy patterns haven’t been present for long. Patients at Foundation Family Chiropractic have seen positive changes in symptoms such as:

  • Immune challenges
  • Colic
  • Head shape issues
  • Headaches and migraines
  • Allergies

Dr. Kyle’s pediatric success stories include children with ADD who began seeing improvements in school after they received care. We have also provided care for a special needs practice member who became more articulate after chiropractic adjustments.

Breech babies have also been able to turn into the proper birthing position after pelvic correction.

Getting Started

When your child begins care, Dr. Kyle will meet with you to evaluate their condition. It’s a similar process to the one that our adult practice members go through. We generally do not take X-rays on children; instead, we use the modern Insight™ Subluxation Station scans to assess their health and understand how best to help them.

The adjustment we give to a baby or child is extremely gentle with a light, fingertip-only pressure. It’s different than what an adult needs since their little bodies require less to achieve a neurological response.

Contact our team today to discuss starting your child on pediatric care in Summerville! Saturday appointment times are available.


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